FortuNuts is a collection of savory nuts for people who like a snack different from the usual chips and cookies. This small business is a dream brought to reality because of people like you -- nut lovers. FortuNuts was created after encouragement from family and friends who enjoyed the nuts for years as holiday gifts.

Of course, people ask what's in the nuts and we respond -- are you nuts?! This recipe is closely guarded, but if you have to know, it does include high-quality nuts as the core ingredient. We realize there are a lot of nuts out there, but we feel there is a special taste that you just can't find elsewhere. We know you'll find the unique taste of these nuts like none other.

The name, FortuNuts, was developed based on the family's last name -- Fortune.  FortuNuts won't reach beyond its limits.  We provide personal service, customized to your needs.  We have four selections, all well-tested and validated as 'special' by nut-lovers.